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Real Estate and Business Analysis and Structuring


We have years of experience helping clients analyze and structure financial transactions.  We use proven financial strategies designed to meet your funding needs and close even the most difficult or complex transactions., in a timely manner.

Private and Transactional Funding


We provides innovative financing solutions for a wide range of corporate uses. From acquiring real estate, obtaining assets and equipment, to acquiring a company or new business, we use a range of financing platforms and sources to solve many of the financing issues your company is facing.

Government Grants and Loans


 In total the US government provides $350 billion in grants each year for real estate, and business uses.   We help investor access these public private collaboration opportunities and deploy funds into their projects in a systematic way.

Our capabilities



We have special expertise in commercial real estate, business funding, niche markets and how to acquire government grants that never have to be repaid.



We use out-of-the-box innovative strategies to create unique solutions that suit your financial needs.



Once you're approved, our private money lenders utilize high quality Lines of Credit in order to provide you with the most efficient funding plan.

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