About Us

Who We Are

Emerald Jade Solutions, Inc. is a company designed to solve your business financing issues. We provide innovative financing solutions to respond to the rapidly changing financial conditions of the globalized economy. Our forte is helping small to mid-size businesses in reaching their financial goals through a range of financing platforms and funding sources.

With our newly designed funding system, we are able to offer hassle-free cash solutions to just about any type of business, from commercial real estate companies and investment companies to venture capital start 

Our Exclusivity

Here at Emerald Jade Solutions, we are very selective about the people we choose to work with. It has never been our goal to be all things to all people, but rather, to be all things to a few people. And so for that reason, before we take on any new clients, we are careful to gather enough information to ensure we are well suited to work together.

To keep our practice operating at an optimal size, we require that each new client meet very specific criteria – that we have good chemistry, our goals align, we can add value to their current financing strategies, and that their projects fit within the core competencies of ours and our lending partners.

None of these criteria are designed to exclude others, but rather to ensure our clients receive the utmost level of personal care and the best solution to their financing situation.

​If you are selected to become a part of our exclusive client base, we can then help you design financial solutions that generate financial success and build wealth, so you can maintain genuine peace of mind and have a bright financial future.

Why We Do It

First and foremost, we love what we do--changing the world by helping people. A few years ago, we too became victims of the U.S. economic crisis. Our businesses, which had been successful for years, were no longer viable. We owned multi-million dollar properties nationwide that we could no longer afford, and we could not scale down to save any of our businesses. To make a long story short, we lost it all.


While starting to rebuild, we discovered that traditional bank lenders were less than cooperative to lend money. Being finance and marketing guys, we figured that there had to be a better way than being frustrated by our local banks. What we found was surprising. We found that there were plenty of private money options available due to the vacuum caused by the pullback of traditional banks. In fact, a whole new industry was emerging--with over a trillion dollars to lend into the market. Unfortunately, given the complexity, most businesses today are still completely unaware of how to access those funds.

Therefore, we decided to share our findings and Emerald Jade Solutions was created. We were then able to help others navigate the complex world of private money. Ultimately, we were able to create our own formula for success in providing business solutions for our clients. We find, review, and offer viable options to solve our clients' private money needs. If we can do anything to help you get the right financial solutions for your business needs, then we have succeeded in our mission. Now is one of the best times in history to receive capital for your business. One of the most important keys to accessing the money you need is the knowledge of how to navigate the waters to your success.