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Emerald Jade Solutions, Inc. provides innovative financing solutions for a wide range of corporate uses. From funding a start-up, increasing working capital, obtaining assets and equipment, to acquiring a company or new business, we use a range of financing platforms and sources to solve many of the financing issues your company is facing. Because of the breadth of our financing platforms, we have the ability to address many business types, work with non-standard collateral, and overcome funding obstacles that challenge many other service providers. We pride ourselves in finding innovative and creative funding solutions for every situation. 

Services We Provide: 

Company Analysis                   Private Financing                Lines of Credit Business Solutions                  Collaterized Lending          Asset Funding  Financial Structuring             Transactional Funding       Real Estate, 

Escrow Deposits                      Short Term Funds                Bridge Funds ​ 

Hard Asset Funding                Esoteric Assets                     Gold & Diamonds

This is Private Money: - No Credit and No Income Checks - Must Have Proven, Verifiable Exit Plan - No Monthly Payments (Principal Due at End of Service Term) - 1 Year to 3 Year Loan Term - $3,000 to $5,000,000 for Small Loans - $5,000,000 to $100,000,000 for Large Loans 

Unparalleled Experience 

Emerald Jade Solution's core strength is its people and the experience and capabilities they bring to the table. From experienced Wall Street executives, real estate investors and professionals, underwriters, escrow officers, and an impeccable legal staff, we have developed a team that excels at every level of a financing transaction, and we also have decades of real world experience in closing deals. 

Systematic Process 

We use a systematic funding process that breaks deals down into the critical elements, and brings the right resources and answers to all the non-standard components of the transaction. That way, we can take even the most complicated transaction and get it packaged and funded in the shortest amount of time. In most cases, we can get transactions done within 15-60 days, and in many cases, we can deliver transactional financing in much shorter time periods. 

Customer Service 

The world of finance is a relationship business. There is one thing we know for sure--satisfied customers bring increased revenue. For every transaction, we go the longest distance to make sure our client's needs are satisfied and that they get the solutions they desire.  We bring our decades-long experience to the table and we make sure our relationships with our clients last for the coming decades.